Wednesday, January 3, 2007

I Need a "Networking" Budget!

So after my interview with the local newspaper, I needed a pint ... even though my funds are indeed limited till the glorious morn (payday). I re-met a Spanish guitarist ... I say re-met because we had indeed met before and lost one another's contact info. We desire a collaboration ... Spanish guitar and poetry ... what could be more potentially wonderful?

I also met another person who is going to come to my reading next Thursday ... and she liked my book, Small Murders. Made a sell ... a contact ... a moment ... a collaboration all over a pint. Nice! I need to have a "networking" budget!

For anyone out there in Kalamazoo, I might as well plug the upcoming reading: Thursday, January 11th at 9:00P (doors will open at 8:30) at Fire at 1249 Portage Street in Kalamazoo. $3 bargain cover charge and books for sale after reading. Fun for all ... I kinda promise.

P.S. Sorry, Carl for spelling your name wrong ... I hate when people do that to me. But your name is rather complicated! I am making excuses ... but still, LUCKY YOU! Cheers.

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jack.hotel said...

If you keep making connections and selling books -- and especially if you make some moola from the upcoming reading at Fire -- you may just end up with your networking budget.