Tuesday, January 9, 2007

So much depends on so much ...

My Thursday reading draws near ... and I notice a lot is changing in my life -- personal and professional -- just in the last few days. Things have gotten a little skewed, weird, I feel out of place ... this makes me feel I am close to answering something. Close to realizing something I have been wanting to realize. I can feel it nipping at my ankles with tender care.

I have dear friends coming in to town tomorrow and I am so looking forward to feeling that great closeness one feels when surrounded by those who care for you and you for them ... when they're like family, an unconditional something there ... burning deep ... it is so helpful for me. I wish Aaron was coming as well ... miss you! I don't mean to be greedy ... I am so grateful to have my friends coming at all ... so grateful! So fortunate. So excited.

I just discovered poet Frederick Seidel and by accident ... fascinatingly true and grim accounts on our emotional muck, his in particular. It is funny and endearing to me that someone like Seidel who is very private and rarely does interviews or photographs would have the extremity that he does in his poetry. I love dichotomies ... maybe that is part of what nips at my heels so tenderly.

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