Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Title Saga Thus Comes to an End ...

Well ... thanks to Aaron (you wonderful rogue ... and I say "rogue" in the most complementary way possible and because of last night) ... my second manuscript has a title ... and now that I have it, only my nearest and dearest shall know it. I highly doubt it would happen, but it would deeply suck if someone took it from here ... no offense to anyone either: I can be rather paranoid and neurotic about certain things.

This title possesses all of the elements I was desiring: texture, a poetic tone, and metaphorical implications. And, as a bonus, it rolls nicely off the tongue, like an oyster.

I have been on the cusp of so much ... some sort of rediscovery of something ... this title is a big neurotic concern of mine out of the way ... thank you Aaron so very much. I owe you something ... maybe I will be able to replace that lost copy of The Donkey Gospel. Or maybe find that online harlot and ask for it back ... I would be nice. I feel now I can really focus totally on the manuscript, those last tiny touches ... so here's a virtual kiss just for you!

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