Wednesday, January 31, 2007

One More Thing ... Exciting!

Well, April is almost here ... and you know what that means: National Poetry Month! This year's poster is amazing ... this one may actually give the poster of Emily Dickinson's dress a run for its money ... though I love that as well! I have some plans up my sleeves to celebrate Poetry Month this year ... cocktail party would be great fun ... but I am really looking forward to celebrating it with you, Aaron my poetry man! We shall recite at the top of our lungs from the streets of Portland ... and some other fun stuff.

Kudos to where NPM was born ... and great designers give poetry a look with great posters every year ... I hope it's cool with you, The Academy of American Poets, that I am showing off your wonderful poster and site!

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jack.hotel said...

Very nice "ASCII" rendition of Walt Whitman.