Saturday, December 30, 2006

No, Really ... Lucky You, Carl

This is going to be a short and sweet entry. I am trying to figure out a title for my second collection of poetry with no luck ... literally. The title I felt so married to -- Lucky You -- is already a title of a novel by Carl Haissen. Carl ... if you read this ... contact me. I respect your work very much ... you are one of the most popular authors with my patrons at the Library where I work. You are the man ... a man who beat me to the title Lucky You. I would be honored to chat with you ... and by the way, do you know Christopher Moore personally? I would like to chat with him as well.

My inability to come up with a title prevented me from submitting the Ms. to the Motherwell Fence Books Competition. However, I am making myself feel a little better in the knowledge that their next competition is due Jan. 30. I will be so ready ... like the boxer in training for all his days ... and I have a good (however false) feeling about 2007. Ciao.

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