Saturday, December 16, 2006

This is my first foray into the blogging world. I am a little nervous. But I thought perhaps the best way to begin is to state my reasons for starting this blog.

I am a poet whose first book of poems was just released October 1st from New Issues Poetry and Prose. I have done some public readings in the Kalamazoo area and have sold a respectable number of books so far. I wanted journey into the blog world in the hopes of having a place to talk to other poets and writers and readers of poetry. I also want to have a place to discuss my poetry life -- something that I have trouble explaining orally to anyone it seems, for whatever reason. There is a risk always in sharing what you feel is your lifeblood; poetry is mine. And it can be lonely ... it is inherently lonely, but it can also be quite joyous.

I love the Confessional Poets ... especially Robert Lowell and John Berryman. I have always thought Anne Sexton to be somewhat overrated, but Plath has had many moments of genius. Though I am not the fan of Plath that I am of Lowell and Berryman. I have also been reading a lot of Philip Larkin (I am a Librarian and oft lonely, so Larkin's speaking my language a lot).

As far as contemporary poets go, I love: Mary Ruefle, Dean Young, Tony Hoagland, Charles Simic, Robert Hass, Matthea Harvey, Barbara Guest (may she rest in peace), and Kenneth Koch (may he rest in peace). There's more, but I am drawing a weird blank.

I also appreciate art a great deal, especially the Surrealists (Hans Bellmer and Max Ernst in particular). The DADAists are also fascinating, especially Kurt Schwitters.

I guess that's all for now ... I anxiously await to see what will happen now ... Adieu!


louise said...

Hi from a fellow New Issues poet!

Anhedonia said...

So nice to hear from you! I read the poems on your webpage ... I especially loved "Bird on a Wire" (inspired by good old Lenny Cohen by chance?) and "Lark Apprentice." I will definitely get your book very soon ... love what I have seen so far.

My book from New Issues is Small Murders ...

Best of luck to you ...