Tuesday, February 6, 2007

If YOU SUCKing is Wrong, Then I Don't Wanna Be Right ...

After finishing Christopher Moore's You Suck: A Love Story last night, I felt the way I often feel when finishing a majorly fun and weirdly wonderful voyage through a book ... sad. Sad it was over ... or is it?

I shan't give away anything about the book in case you haven't read it, but it is truly great and its ending could morph thus: into yet another sequel, making this bloodsucking fiend / love story thing into an epic trilogy; or it will be left as is, leaving us wondering, considering ... yet knowing somehow what is in store for the characters we have become so invested in.

I have never been a fan of vampire fiction, but Christopher Moore makes it real, and makes fun of that gothic over-the-topness vampire fiction so often possesses with the truly delightful and creepy teen characters of Abby Normal and her buddy Jared.

Fun stuff. Do read it. But my humble suggestion is this: start at the beginning with his first book, Practical Demonkeeping, then maybe read Bloodsucking Fiends, then BSF sequel, You Suck.

I am so excited about seeing him at the Borders Books in Ann Arbor, Michigan on the 15th! Happy Valentine's Day to me!

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