Tuesday, March 13, 2007

And Now Back Again ...

So my second manuscript is now back to square one. After some helpful perspectives from friends reading The Luck of Anhedonia, I have realized that maybe I was rushing this collection. I do think it will be done within the year, but there are so many other things with my writing life I have to focus on like, yesterday: Press Kit, website, and most importantly -- Readings! Lots of readings in lots of places. I am from Youngstown, Ohio and it is close to both Pittsburgh and Cleveland ... so I am hoping to set up quite a bit in those cities throughout the summer and fall.

I will be reading at Broad Vocabulary on Friday, April 27th at 6:30. This is a indie bookstore in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Please check out their site at: www.broadvocabulary.com and please come to the reading if you're available and in the Milwaukee area. The last reading I had, in January in Kalamazoo, was pretty boo-hoo ... but great because almost all of my very best friends were in attendance. If they hadn't been there ... it would have been a big big boo-hoo. But I am going to make sure this one is a success. I am also wanting Small Murders to be a success. And if that professor from Binghamton University who is teaching Small Murders is reading this ... please let me know. I would love to discuss anything about the book or answer any questions you might have.

But a week from tomorrow is the Marquette University conference, Women & Creativity and I am so looking forward to it. I am burning to know how my Hans Bellmer paper will go over ... we shall see.

I am not mourning the return to my manuscript ... I am actually looking forward to putting her away till April ... in a dark little drawer. And when I see her again in April ... it will hopefully be with different eyes.

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